January 10, 2017:Zane Lowe talks Beats 1: ‘We want to thrive and build’

18 months on from the launch of Apple Music and its Beats 1 radio station, Zane Lowe has been talking to Billboard about the progress made so far.

“The short answer is, it’s going great: We survived the first year, and now we want to thrive and build. One thing that hasn’t really gone away is the hectic pace, but that’s just a reflection of the environment,” said the former BBC Radio 1 DJ.

Lowe talked candidly about some of the challenges remaining for Beats 1. “I don’t think Beats 1 has been able to explain that we are free, and that’s tricky because we want people to subscribe to Apple Music,” he said.

“And when we started, in many ways we were still trying to function as a traditional radio station, but now we try to integrate with Apple Music — like, you hear The Weeknd talking about his new album, so you go to Apple Music and listen to it and then get into his other albums. It’s a far more ­comprehensive experience than just saying ‘The new album is out’.”

Stuart Dredge
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