March 15, 2017:Sandbox 175: Music goes all-in on Snapchat

Sandbox 175: Music goes all-in on Snapchat

Lead: While everyone is currently flapping about Snapchat in terms of its jaw-dropping $28.3bn valuation after its IPO, it’s important to bring things back to what the app actually does and how its huge audience engages with it. Music is playing a bigger and bigger part here and so we look at those acts blazing a trail, considering how it can be used better, where (or if) the money can be made and what, exactly, it will cost you (in both time and money) to stand out from the crowd.

Campaigns: Both Vevo and YouTube are investing in artist videos as part of a drive by platforms to “own” the artist relationship; Spotify creates an interactive palace (of sorts) for Beauty & The Beast; and White Denim only want you to hear their new song if it’s raining.

Tools: We look at the musicians using Instagram to its full capacity and explain why its new features can really come into their own around live music.

Behind The Campaign: Australian band Holy Holy recruited four artists to create paintings inspired by tracks from their latest album – filming them doing so in order to create non-single videos. Jens Bengtsson of Sony Music Entertainment Australia explains how the campaign also had to simultaneously push physical sales and streams in a market slowly transitioning from ownership to access.


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