April 12, 2017:Sandbox 177: One Congregation Under A Groove

Sandbox 177: One Congregation Under A Groove

Lead: Group listening is back for a second swing, with the likes of Stationhead, Vertigo and JQBX all hoping to learn from the shortcomings of Turntable.fm and Soundrop. We speak to those trying to carve out a space here about what works, what doesn’t, how streams can be dramatically boosted and where everyone should be focusing their efforts in the coming years.

Campaigns: Slash plays a VR gig in a zoo; DJ Khaled gives a bless up to his most-deserving fans; The Vamps build excitement for a tour online; and Major Lazer collaborate with acts under the patronage of Tuborg.

Tools: We look at Facebook’s latest development – Stories. Initial uptake has been underwhelming, but is this just an unnecessary copy of Instagram and Snapchat Stories? Or is there a massive opportunity waiting to be unlocked here?

Behind The Campaign: The Shires have bucked the trend and proven that a British country act can break into the mainstream. Aisling Noonan of Decca Records UK explains how fans have been central to everything, why an always-on strategy saw virtually no gap between album campaigns, how an AT&T partnership in the US took things up several levels, and why the success of the band now means that country is no longer a dirty word.


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