May 10, 2017:Sandbox Issue 179: Is New Music Friday marketing overkill?

Sandbox Issue 179: Is New Music Friday marketing overkill?

Lead: New Music Friday was designed as a way to synchronise global release days in an on-demand world, but the upshot is that now Friday groans under the weight of new release and marketing strategies. As a result some labels are looking to step back from the steeplechase, whereby they still release music on a Friday but their marketing efforts become focused on other days of the week where they stand more of a chance of being heard. We speak to those marketing amid this maelstrom about where they can find new windows through the week and why Fridays don’t necessarily have to be make or break for new releases.

Campaigns: YouTube and Vevo come roaring out of the traps with a suite of new music-centric formats; Spotify turns your playlists retro for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2; and Coldcut create a game where you hear their new track as you bring rogue bankers to justice.

Tools: Twitch has created its Affiliate Program to offer a “stepping stone” between emerging streamers and those with full-partner status. We look at what it is, how it works and what acts need to do to get the most out of it.

Behind The Campaign: Silver Eye is Goldfrapp’s seventh album and saw them return to the harsh synth sound of earlier releases. Mute’s head of marketing, Neil Blanket, explains how a “regimented plan of content” every fortnight was put in place from album announcement to release, why 6 Music was such a key partner and how streaming gives acts like Goldfrapp a second wind.



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