May 24, 2017:Sandbox Issue 180: WhatsApp Doc? Marketing with Messaging Apps

Sandbox Issue 180: WhatsApp Doc? Marketing with Messaging Apps

Lead: WhatsApp has 1.2bn monthly users. Amazing. But the music industry is barely using it as a marketing platform. Not amazing. So why not? There are (still) pragmatic issues such as as a cap on the number of users in a group and no way of automating messages; but there are equally huge opportunities. We speak to those in music and beyond who have used it in their campaigns to ask them what works, why they think it’s important, what the drawbacks are and how it could mark a new frontier in the artist/fan relationship.

Campaigns: Shazam backs Alzheimer’s Research UK; Foo Fighters get you to knock up a mixtape; Childish Gambino catapults vinyl into VR; and Shakira sends fans on an El Dorado treasure hunt.

Tools: TCAT was created out of necessity by One Media iP to check if the major digital services were displaying their music as they should; but they soon realised this had a wider functionality for the music business as a whole as it enables them to monitor how services around the world are racking their releases.

Behind The Campaign: 22, A Million is the third album by Bon Iver and marked a major change in sound. Tom Davies, European marketing director at Secretly Group, explains how a statement campaign was created – but where no exclusives were given and during which the artist consciously did not want to be front and centre.



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