YouTube has the WAU factor in Anglo music markets


WAU? Weekly Active Users: a metric that Midia Research’s Mark Mulligan thinks is more relevant in 2017 than monthly active users.

“The MAU metric is past its sell by date. In today’s always on, increasingly mobile digital landscape, doing something just once a month more resembles inactivity rather than activity,” as he puts it in a blog post about his company’s latest piece of research.

That research focuses on music-streaming consumption, with an array of prominent services rated for their WAU factor. You’ll be unsurprised – even if we hadn’t given it away in the headline – that the top dog in this ranking is YouTube, followed by Spotify.

“YouTube and Spotify emerge as the leading services with 25.1% and 16.3% WAU penetration respectively,” writes Mulligan.

Apple Music in third place? Actually no. Midia’s study claims that Amazon Prime Music has 10.7% penetration, followed by Apple Music (8.5%), SoundCloud (6.1%), Google Play Music (5.5%), Tidal (2.7%) and Deezer (2.3%).

Midia Research WAUs slideBut there’s an important caveat here: the survey on which the report is based was conducted in four countries: the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Deezer in particular would surely perform much better if, say, France and Latin America had been included. Apple Music’s footprint might see it nudge past Amazon in a global survey, we suspect.

Still, the data is a useful snapshot of the current state of the market in Anglo markets, at least. Midia’s upcoming ‘State Of The Streaming Nation II’ report will flesh out the trends the company sees at work in 2017.

Stuart Dredge

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