Spotify for Brands launches tastes site


Spotify’s commercial division has quietly launched a new site that mines the streaming service’s big-data stash.

Spotify.Me went live just before the recent Cannes Lions conference, aimed at persuading more brands to advertise on Spotify’s free tier.

While not specifically aimed at regular Spotify users, they’ll have some fun with it too. The site gets people to log in via their Spotify account, then presents them with its findings on their music tastes.

That includes their top artist and top track; a graph showing when they listen; data on the energy, danceability and valence of their tastes; their top genres; and how diverse their listening is.

The goal here is to give brands a hint of the data they can tap in to when planning their campaigns on Spotify.

In case you’re wondering, 75% of our tracks are energetic (cheers, Icona Pop and Betty Boo); 58% are danceable (cheers, Kelis and Snoop Dogg) and we’re very much into our Chamber Psych genre. No, you wouldn’t have heard of it…

(In truth, neither had we until Spotify.Me told us about it.)

Stuart Dredge

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