Jay-Z to release a cassette version of ‘4.44’ album


Get your spooling-pencils ready! Jay-Z’s latest album ‘4.44’ may still be missing from Spotify, but it’s getting a new physical release as a cassette.

Virgin EMI Records promoted the format in a tweet yesterday, with fans who pre-order the £7 version before 4 August to be entered into a draw to win tickets to watch Jay-Z’s headline set at this summer’s V Festival from the side of the stage.

The limited-edition cassette will be released on 18 August. It’s the latest example of a high-profile artist turning to the format for a retro twist to their marketing.

Yet this is part of a wider trend, as indie-platform Bandcamp explained to us last year. “It’s a really good example of music that doubles as merch, because artists are taking a lot of care over these releases,” COO Joshua Kim told us.

“I’ve been seeing these very personalised cassettes, because it’s a lot easier to personalise a cassette than an LP or even a CD… And you make the same margin on a cassette when you sell it for $7 as from an LP selling at $20.”

Stuart Dredge

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