‘Mi Gente’ tops Spotify chart in latest show of Latin power


The Bieber-infused remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s ‘Despacito’ has finally been dethroned as the top track on Spotify’s global chart.

But its replacement is a song sung entirely in Spanish: ‘Mi Gente’ by J Balvin and Willy William. The latter track is now up to more than 4.5m daily plays compared to 4.2m for ‘Despacito’.

The big deal here, though, is the sight of two Latin tracks atop the Spotify global chart, cementing the sense that Latin American artists are capable of breaking globally on streaming services.

“With this new milestone, it’s safe to say that Latin music is not just having a moment, but solidifying itself through a new wave of genres, styles and cultures,” said Spotify’s head of Latin culture, shows and editorial Rocio Guerrero in a statement.

“This is unprecedented in the history of music and confirms Latin culture’s global reach,” added Universal Music’s Latin boss Jesus Lopez.

So which will be the next hit to break out of the continent? All eyes on the chart for that.

One additional point of interest, though. ‘Mi Gente’ currently has 109.9m plays on Spotify, but its official YouTube video has 271m plays on that service. A reminder, as with ‘Despacito’, that no single service is driving these breakout hits.

Stuart Dredge

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