August 9, 2017:First projects from Kickstarter ‘Make Vinyl’ initiative go live

First projects from Kickstarter ‘Make Vinyl’ initiative go live

When we interviewed Kickstarter head of music Molly Neuman last September, she made it clear that partnerships were high on her agenda.

One of the first was with vinyl-crowdfunding startup Qrates for an initiative called ‘Make Vinyl’ which is exactly what it sounds like: encouraging artists to crowdfund vinyl releases on Kickstarter, which are then pressed and produced by Qrates.

“We wanted to make it easier for them to plan, manufacture, and fulfil their projects — so they could focus on making music,” explained Neuman in an email to Kickstarter’s community this morning, which highlighted the first batch of Make Vinyl projects to go live.

They include projects from artists including Agent Zero, Substantial, Crunchybird and Emily Keener – so very much independent artists.

Neuman also recommended a Kickstarter project from Taiwan called Spinbox, which is making a $99 ‘DIY portable turntable’, while also pointing to another high-profile music-related project currently raising money on Kickstarter: Pussy Riot’s upcoming immersive theatre production in London.

Stuart Dredge
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