Instagram expands live-video feature to two people at once


Instagram is adding something to its live-video broadcasting feature: an extra person.

The app is testing allowing people to add another Instagram user to their broadcast in split-screen, which could be used for one-to-one video-chats (think FaceTime) or for collaborative broadcasts.

“After we launched the first version of Live [last November], we noticed that a lot of folks were using it with friends in person,” product manager Shilpa Sarkar told Refinery29.

“We wanted to bring that offline behaviour online, so to speak, with a feature that allows you to be live with a friend even if you aren’t in the exact same space.”

Tested internally as ‘Project Tango’ the feature is now being tested with more users, ahead of a full launch hopefully later in the year.

Here’s the angle for music marketing: an artist can now go live for an hour on Instagram (the current maximum broadcast-length) and invite in a series of fans as guests: perfect for Q&A sessions and other kinds of interaction.

There will also be opportunities for musicians to appear as co-hosts on the broadcasts of Instagram influencers – social stars streaming live on Instagram as the new late-night talk-show hosts, anyone?

Stuart Dredge

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