Spotify gets into news with ‘We Need To Talk About’ podcast


Well, news discussion anyway: Spotify isn’t hiring a bunch of reporters and competing with CNN just yet. But it is launching a new weekly podcast out of the UK called ‘We Need To Talk About’ which will see a panel of guests discussing that week’s big news stories.

Hosted by actor/director Jolyon Rubenstein, the show’s blurb stresses its radio-like format: “Whether it’s North Korea or Trump, white supremacy or climate change, the big stories of the day will be discussed and dissected with a mixture of irreverence and anarchic satirical humour, married to genuine insight and context…”

It’s the latest in Spotify’s line of original podcasts, which are being produced and launched around the world: in fact, Germany was the first market to get an original Spotify podcast, with the company saying that ‘Fest & Flauschig’ has proved extremely popular.

“Podcasts are increasing in popularity, both with our users, and as a growing category as a whole,” said Spotify’s head of podcasts EMEA James Cator.

“Spotify is investing in further original podcast content in the UK and across Europe… the next 12 months are going to see us focus on expanding our original content offering.”

Indeed, Spotify has also commissioned some research in the UK: an online survey of 1,400 18-44 year-olds in September 2017. It found that 61% of respondents said they now listen regularly to podcasts, with 21% listening at least once a week.

The most popular genre was comedy/entertainment, which 49% of podcast fans listen to, while “more than a quarter” listen to music-based podcasts, and 18% to true-crime pods.

The survey also found 37% of podcast fans listening in the home; 30% while commuting; 19% in the car; and 12% at the gym.

Stuart Dredge

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