October 24, 2017:Smart speakers to fuel ‘tenfold’ increase in smart-home devices

Smart speakers to fuel ‘tenfold’ increase in smart-home devices

Research firm Forrester’s latest prediction for the smart-devices market focuses on the US alone, we should say. “Smart home devices are expected to grow tenfold between 2017 and 2022,” claimed the company in its latest blog post.

“Forrester expects the adoption of smart home devices in the US to be 10 times higher by 2022, driven by smart speakers and the devices that these speakers can control, such as smart bulbs and smart thermostats.”

Forrester added that it sees Amazon’s Echo range as the leader in this category still, even with increased competition from Google’s Home family, the new Sonos One and (soon) Apple’s HomePod. In Asia, similar devices from Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent and Xiaomi are also on the company’s radar.

While you’re browsing Forrester’s forecasts, check out its ‘Top Technology Trends to Watch’ tips for 2018-2020, which also came out yesterday. Blockchain, artificial intelligence and heightened awareness of privacy issues are among the trends included.

Stuart Dredge
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