November 3, 2017:YouTube co-produces behind-the-scenes videos for Camila Cabello

YouTube co-produces behind-the-scenes videos for Camila Cabello

Former Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello is launching some new stuff on YouTube: a series of three ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos based on the actual music video for her single ‘Havana’.

The interesting point here: the new videos have been co-produced by YouTube itself with Epic Records. The first episode went live yesterday, with the next two to follow at weekly intervals.

It’s a short clip – two minutes 43 seconds – and in its first 24 hours has been watched nearly 160k times, which compares to the 10m first-day views for the ‘Havana’ video itself, which has since gone on to reach 91m views in its first week.

Still, the YouTube strategy of Cabello and her team is worth watching: her channel has added more than two million subscribers in the last six months; she’s made videos featuring YouTube stars like Lele Pons and LeJuan James; and ‘Havana’ has an extended video version which is likely to be doing good things for Cabello’s watch time and strike rate for having ads served against it.

But as we said, the sight of YouTube as a co-producer for ‘beyond the music video’ content is what’s most interesting.

Stuart Dredge
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