November 15, 2017:Sandbox Issue 189: D2C gets cranked up

Sandbox Issue 189: D2C gets cranked up

Lead: D2C started to flex its muscles just as the decline in the traditional CD market began to really bite. Now it is more important that ever as both a revenue driver and a means of ensuring ongoing fan engagement. We look at five of the most interesting D2C offerings recently to understand what they did, how they did it and what it all means for the artist/consumer relationship in the coming years.

Campaigns: The Academic turns a glitch in Facebook Live into a creative trigger; TOKiMONSTA whips up a VR album; Dani Cohn makes the leap from to a subscription app; and Michael Jackson is reborn in AR.

Tools: ToneDen has completely redesigned its platform. We look at how it is improving consumer engagement, where it is optimising ads and why fan data can now be better captured and exploited.

Behind The Campaign: The Cribs were going to make an EP with Steve Albini but ended up making an album in five days flat. As such, they wanted to put it out as quickly as possible. Dan Griffiths and James Moodie from The Orchard explain where the band’s website and Instagram accounts became key locations to harvest remarketing data, how a Vevo special was put together and what happens when a swear word in an album title gets you banned from two key ad platforms.



Chiara Michieletto
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