November 15, 2017:Sandbox Issue 191: Ad ons

Sandbox Issue 191: Ad ons

Lead: With so much music now being ostensibly free at the point of consumption, advertising is expected to do a lot of the heavy lifting for the digital content industries. As such, the nature and forms of advertising have had to rapidly evolve and expand. Today, ad campaigns must adapt to the vagaries of the platforms where the biggest number of fans are likely to be – and be able to change direction at the drop of a hat. They are infinitely more measurable in terms of ROI, but this also means there are infinitely more moving parts to attend to. We look at the different ways the music business can advertise its releases, what works best and how everyone can keep up with the moving target that is digital advertising.

Campaigns: Björk sells her new album for cryptocurrency; Crossfaith get you head banging to hear their new album; BTS design new characters on Line; and Eminem spoofs Big Pharma for his new album.

Tools: We pick apart Facebook’s new split ad testing and look at how it can improve your ad targeting, cut down on waste (in terms of both time and ad budgets) and better help you reach the right audiences.

Behind The Campaign: Sleep Well Beast by The National was not only their first UK #1 album but also the first UK #1 album for 4AD in its 37-year history. From the off, this was always going to be a big campaign, designed to elevate the band to the next level. Will Tompsett, head of marketing at 4AD, explains why an album pre-order and tour ticket pre-sale mechanic became a huge part of the initial push, how cryptic ads and murals built anticipation, where streamers were converted into buyers and why getting a #1 opens far more doors and gives a campaign a whole new lease of life.



Wesley A'Harrah
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