Spotify will make London its latest R&D hub


You’ve likely heard about Spotify’s swanky new US headquarters in New York, but the company is also doubling down on its presence in London.

Spotify said yesterday that it will be making that office its latest ‘R&D hub’ to set it alongside the company’s Stockholm, Gothenburg, New York, San Francisco and Boston offices.

“It has a vibrant start-up community, and a wealth of great tech talent, making it the perfect location in which to build out our talented R&D team,” said Spotify’s VP of product Jason Richman. “London will be one of our major hubs where we’ll house key investment areas including expansion of our subscription-commerce capabilities.”

The expansion includes recruiting a director of operations, based in London, to sit at the centre of Spotify’s teams of engineers, designers and product managers.

Stuart Dredge

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