December 21, 2017:Shiny Awards aims to celebrate music videos and emerging filmmakers

Shiny Awards aims to celebrate music videos and emerging filmmakers

2017 has been an exciting year for online video of all kinds, music videos included. Now there’s a new awards ceremony for that, which aims to celebrate emerging talent creating music videos and other short-form music-related work.

The Shiny Awards take place on 22 February 2018 in London, and the deadline for entering is the end of December, with seven categories:

– Best Director, Unsigned
– Commissioner of Best Director, Unsigned
– Best Director, Newly Signed
– Commissioner of Best Director, Newly Signed
– Best Director, Diversity
– Commissioner of Best Director, Diversity
– Audience Award (chosen by the audience at the event)

The organisers are charging an entry fee of £35 (or $46 / €39) with an option to submit a second entry for free in return for information.

One of the aspects we’ve not seen much in other awards is the promise of feedback: ratings from at least five of the awards’ longlist judges, as well as written feedback from at least five too.

Find out more at the official website.

Pic credit: William White / Unsplash


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