January 15, 2018:NPR / Edison: One in six Americans now own a smart speaker

NPR / Edison: One in six Americans now own a smart speaker

January has already seen a flurry of new research into smart speakers, timed to coincide with the CES show in Las Vegas.

The latest example comes from NPR and Edison Research, who surveyed 1,816 Americans in November and December. 16% said that they own a smart speaker, which scales up to around 39 million people in the US.

Amazon continues to be the top dog in this category: 11% of respondents own an Echo while 4% own a Google Home. There’s also data on the Christmas trends: 7% of Americans got a smart speaker over the festive season, and for 4% it was their first.

The study also has some data on how these devices are changing people’s habits, including the fact that 71% say they are listening to more audio since getting a smart speaker.

Music is by far the top task requested from these devices: 60% play music on their smart speakers while spending time with friends and family, ahead of second-ranked response ‘answer a general question’ on 30%.

Finally, 52% of respondents said their smart speaker is in their living room or family room; 21% in the kitchen; and 19% in the master bedroom.

Stuart Dredge
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