Airbnb Concerts expands to 25 cities around the world


Airbnb isn’t just a platform for finding non-hotel accommodation around the world. It’s been edging in to music for some time via its ‘Experiences’ initiative, which includes getting hosts to hold secret gigs in unusual locations.

Now that’s getting a proper rollout to 25 cities including London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney and Los Angeles. This is part of a wider expansion of ‘Experiences’ which also includes categories like social dining, adventures and social impact.

Billboard has a few more details on the growth of music in particular, with Airbnb’s head of music explaining that the platform currently powers around 100 gigs a month for 50-100-person audiences. He also claims this could grow to 20,000 a month by the end of this year – a startling increase (2,000 would be more believable).

“Five years from now, I think more people will experience music in intimate settings like this than they are experiencing in arenas, and stadiums and festivals,” said James Beshara. “That’s how big of an opportunity I think this is and hopefully we’re a substantial part of that.”

Airbnb gets a 20% cut of each booking for a music concert, so there’s certainly revenue here.

Stuart Dredge

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