Sound Royalties launches funding program for distributors


Music-finance firm Sound Royalties has unveiled its latest funding program: this one aimed at music distributors – and by extension, to independent labels. It’s called The Edge Funding Program.

“For independent labels the program will allow Sound Royalties to work with music distributors to forecast and provide no-interest advances to indie labels with manageable terms,” explained the company in its announcement.

“For distributors, the Edge Funding Program will provide distributors extended opportunities for content acquisition in order to secure new deals and remain competitive without incurring debt.”

The program expands on Sound Royalties’ activities in the publishing sector, taking the company deeper into the master-recordings side of the business too.

“This is an exciting moment for us to launch a new transformative program that will change the way distributors are able to fund content for labels,” said CEO Alex Heiche.

Stuart Dredge

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