Persistent rumours claim that Nintendo is planning to unveil a new Nintendo DS handheld next month, with the latest stories suggesting that the company plans to turn its gaming device into more of a multimedia gadget.That includes a camera, but also digital music capabilities. Nintendo has tried this before, of course – it released a critically-panned MP3 Player add-on for the DS a couple of years ago, which sank without trace. Presumably, the new plan is to have a music-playing application built into the new DS, with music stored either internally, or on SD memory cards.The move would bring Nintendo into line with its direct rival, Sony’s PSP, and also with the iPhone. However, if Nintendo really is intent on allowing DS users to play music on the device, it begs the question of whether the company plans to launch an associated digital music store too. If it did, such a store might also work with the company’s Wii console.This, naturally, is all speculation on our part. But it’s fascinating to see Nintendo entering the digital music sphere, while at the same time Apple is encroaching on its traditional handheld gaming territory.

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