Dedication’s what you need, if like Weezer you want to have your video full of record breakers. Cue trumpet. (note for non-Brits thinking we’re talking nonsense, click here).Yes, Weezer are at it again, the ‘it’ being generating a viral buzz around their latest music video. Previous single Pork and Beans had a galaxy of YouTube stars in it, while newie Troublemaker has a bunch of people breaking records, including the Largest Air Guitar Ensemble, Longest Guitar Hero World Tour Marathon, Largest Game of Dodgeball, and Most People In A Custard Pie Fight.Oh, and Most People Riding On A Skateboard (22, since you ask).The video (which you can watch here) fits neatly into the trend of artists releasing videos that’ll cause a buzz online, rather than just look nice on MTV. You could argue that OK Go started the phenomenon with their treadmill-toting Here It Goes Again vid. Weezer even debuted the Troublemaker video online at Yahoo Music.

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