eMusic has announced that it’s sold more than 250 million downloads since launching its subscription model in 2003. The 250 millionth download was from Department of Eagles’ In Ear Park album, apparently. The company also says it’s boosted its catalogue past the 4.5 million track mark with the addition of a new batch of independent record labels.”A quarter of a billion downloads sold is an incredible benchmark for a company that was selling less than one million downloads a month when it was re-launched in 2004,” says chairman Danny Stein. “It shows that eMusic’s combination of value, discovery and compatibility attracts customers who want to purchase music.”eMusic’s last 50 million downloads came in seven months since passing the 200 million mark in April this year – a slight increase on the eight months it took to go from 150 million to 200 million (and, indeed, the eight months before that it took to go from 100 million to 150 million.It’s a trifle unfair to compare eMusic to iTunes, but if you’re looking for it… In the same time it took eMusic to go from 100 million to 250 million downloads, the iTunes Store went from just under 850 million to more than five billion – well, it passed five billion in June this year, so is probably nearing the six billion mark.Still, congratulations to eMusic for its milestone. Now, about those major labels…

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