Interested in Chinese Democracy and NOT already heard most of it via illegal means? Your luck is in. Guns’n’Roses have debuted their long-awaited new album on MySpace Music, making it available to stream in 25 countries in advance of its 23 November release.The solo from the title track has been causing excitement in the Music Ally office for some time now, so at least we now get to hear the full thing. The stream is part of a big-budget promotional campaign for the album spanning online and offline – and should be a decent boost for MySpace Music’s already-impressive stream-count.First impressions from us: the audio is a bit compressed, and there’s a couple of standout howlers early in the album. But there’s also some good widdly solo bits for the Guitar Hero crowd. Nothing on it is as good as Paradise City, but then you know that already.What do you think? Hear it here.

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