Looking for stone-cold proof that Apple is planning to launch a cut-down version of its iPhone called the iPhone Nano? Well, you won’t find it here. But what you will find is some new speculation, based on the age-old ‘someone’s making a case for an unannounced Apple device’ strain of rumour-mongering.Here’s the deal: a company called XSKN has a listing on its website for iPhone Nano cases. And while we’d usually take this kind of thing with a heavy pinch of salt, MacRumors points out that XSKN has form in this area, having publicised cases for the iPhone 3G and iPod Nano in advance of their announcement by Apple.So, assuming Apple might be working on an iPhone Nano, when might it be announced? Usually, we’d say the MacWorld show next month, but with Apple pulling out of that show from 2010, and Steve Jobs not giving the keynote at the 2009 one, that seems unlikely. In other words, any iPhone Nano unveiling would probably take place at a bespoke event organised by Apple, in keeping with recent product unveilings.Watch this space…

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