Nokia’s new 5800 ‘Tube’ phone went on sale in the UK today, and apparently attracted 150 queuing punters eager to get theirs from Nokia’s Regent Street store (insert your own ’78 of them were mistakenly thinking it was an Apple launch’ joke here).But anyway, Nokia says it’s shipped one million 5800s, including the UK but also in Hong Kong and Moscow, where the devices sold out. The proper UK retail launch is next week, through operators and mobile stores, but Nokia went with it in its own stores today for the early adopters.The handset is a big, big deal for Nokia, even if as yet it doesn’t include the promised Comes With Music service. It does have a graphic equalizer, 8GB of internal memory, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and built-in surround sound speakers. And a great big lovely touchscreen. Early reviews suggest it’s no iPhone, but its lower price (

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