12 location-based mobile startups have collaborated on a new initiative called OSLO – Open Sharing of Location-based Objects). The idea is to create a standard way to share location data between different services. Or, as TechCrunch explains: “You can set your location on Brightkite for instance, but your friends on Rummble wouldn’t see you – but they would if Brightkite joined the initiative.” The 12 companies, who collectively have more than 30 million users, are: Rummble, Aka-Aki, Belysio, Buddycloud, Mobiluck, Moximity, Nulaz, Palringo, Service2Media, Skout, Tooio and WAYN. Not heard of any of `em? That’s perhaps not surprising, but startups like these could be increasingly relevant to music in the future – a subject we’re covering in this week’s Music Ally Report on Thursday.

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