The Cure’s Robert Smith slams free music downloads (and bloggers)


Two things we’ve learned about Cure frontman Robert Smith from this article: he prefers to blog in ANGRY CAPITALS, and he’s not a big fan of Radiohead’s In Rainbows campaign. Oh, three things: he’s not too keen on bloggers either.”Any famous artist with a huge and devoted fan base (often arrived at with a little help from a wealthy and powerful `patron’ or two?) can afford to do what he, she or it wants… including giving their art away as some kind of `lossleader’ to help `build the brand'” he writes – we’ve spared you the caps. “However, if this `art for free’ idea becomes the cultural norm then how do artists earn their living?… An artist has to value the art they create otherwise I don’t believe they can believe it to be art.”Oh, and as for bloggers (with original caps this time): “I JUST WROTE ALL THIS BECAUSE I GOT PARTICULARLY FEDUP TONIGHT WITH THE SQUEALING HIGH DRAMA OF THE 101 STORIES A DAY AND NONE OFTHEM PARTICULARLY TRUE BRIGHT AND BRAVE NEW WIRED WORLD MEDIA THAT WHINES ONAND ON WITHOUT RESPITE OR REFUTATION… CRETINS!”God bless him. And we say that with no sarcasm intended.

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