Buy a pricey No Doubt gig ticket, get the digital back catalogue free!


Now here’s a bundling offer and a half. Fans who buy a top-level ticket to No Doubt’s upcoming US tour will get the band’s entire digital back catalogue for free – more than 80 songs from their seven studio albums, plus a new cover of Adam & The Ants’ Stand And Deliver.”Since the band is heading back to the road, we wanted to find a cool way to get people listening to our music and stoke them with a great deal at the same time,” says guitarist Tom Dumont. But is it such a great deal? If you’re buying a top-priced ticket to see No Doubt, surely you already own all these songs – and have ripped them to your iPod already if they’re on CD? We can’t help thinking it’d be more appealing to offer rarities, demos, or even a brand new album (if one’s coming out) in these kinds of deals.

Written by: Music Ally