After YouTube/PRS fallout, what now for the JOL?


With much attention focused on the spat between YouTube and PRS for Music in the UK, PaidContent takes a look at what will happen this June when the Joint Online License (JOL) framework expires at the end of June. We7 boss Steve Purdham tells them that streaming music sites are lobbying hard for a new deal. “Everybody is: the rates don’t allow you to create an economic model that makes sense,” he says. “If it was just eight percent of revenue, that wouldn’t be a problem, but the minimas kick in to scale… You’re talking about roughly a penny a stream for on-demand streaming. The question is, how do you make your money? Can you match that cost of playing to the revenue your business can make? “The farrago ties into the wider question of how the music industry is (or isn’t, depending on your point of view) supporting new models for accessing and consuming music, particularly around licensing. It’s something we’ll be looking at in detail in next week’s Music Ally Report.

Written by: Music Ally