Spring is in the air, so it’s time for some more speculation about the Beatles going digital. Actually, the speculating is being done by Dhani Harrison this time – George Harrison’s son, who works with Apple Corps, the company set up to manage the band’s interests. It seems they’re mulling going it alone with a Beatles digital store, rather than signing on with iTunes. “We’re losing money every day, so what do you do?” he says. “You have to have your own delivery system, or you have to do a good deal with Steve Jobs… [Jobs] says that a download is worth 99 cents, and we disagree.”Actually, so would Jobs – as part of its move to a fully DRM-free iTunes Store, Apple announced plans to allow variable pricing. But anyway. Harrison says he’s the most tech-savvy person at Apple Corps, so is driving new projects forward like The Beatles: Rock Band. Has anyone got his number? We’ve got an idea for a Yellow Submarine iPod…

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