Suing your fans – especially the web-savvy ones with a large online audience – is never a good idea. Still, that’s what the owner of Britney Spears fansite BreatheHeavy claims has been threatened by the singer’s father Jamie Spears. Site owner Jordan Miller says it’s shutting down under threat of an injunction for posting unauthorised song lyrics, photos, videos and audio clips. However, the real reason – says Miller – is to “hide the truth about Britney’s imprisonment, and shut anyone up who disagrees with their conniving and selfish exploitation of an innocent mother of 2 pushed back into the limelight just several months after a hospitalization.”You probably get an idea of why Poppa Spears isn’t that fond of BreatheHeavy from that quote. However, if we can offer some advice to Miller, it’s that pixelising the images don’t as such get you out of the copyright infringement problem…

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