Put a donk on it is a longstanding web meme here in the UK, thanks to a famous YouTube video from the Blackout Crew which introduced the donk genre to a wider public. Anyway, there’s now a website that lets you put a donk on any song you like.DonkDJ (or Put A Donk On It – it’s unclear whether the URL and the name are the same or different) uses The Echo Nest’s APIs in much the same way that MoreCowbell.dj did last year, except with donks instead of cowbell. You upload an MP3 file, and the site analyses it, then serves up a donk remix.We’ve been trying it with Al Green and (inevitably) The Sundays, although the former worked much better. Judging by Twitter, the site is becoming a bit of a craze in the UK today. Enjoy it while it lasts! Options to share your remixes on Twitter and Facebook will only help its virality.

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