A couple of paragraphs into the press release for PRS for Music’s launch of its Fair Play for Creators campaign today was the news that it’s “agreed commercial terms with the new music streaming service Spotify, which ensures that its 60.000 songwriters, composers and publishers will be fairly paid when their music is used on this new internet service”.Which makes us wonder straight away: a.) What was Spotify paying before – the regular per-stream minima?, and b.) What are they paying now, and how is the deal structured?PRS for Music tells Music Ally it can’t give any more details yet, and Spotify concurs, although it should be stressed that this ISN’T a deal quite yet. Commercial terms have been agreed, but there remain a couple of issues to sort out before an actual deal is sealed, a source close to the deal tells Music Ally.UPDATE – We amended the story this morning with the point about commercial terms agreement versus an actual deal.

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