And here we were thinking Craig David was a quick worker. UK based Folk musician Andy Price was apparently bored last bank holiday Monday (4th May) so he knocked out an album’s worth of songs. On Wednesday (6th May) he sent them over to his label, Fleeing From Pigeons, and today (8th May) they’re available for download.According to label boss Gareth Main “Everything is rather ramshackle – the recording, the cover, the music, the lyrics – it’s very much a raw, honest recording – almost an insight into the beginning of the musical process. Songs written and immediately recorded.”You can download the album here So why do this? According to Main there are no plans to distribute the tracks through other online stores because in his words “Fleeing from Pigeons isn’t meant to be a traditional record label””The label itself is not about making money – as we say in our about us section, we “don’t care about money, and we don’t believe that by producing something for free we deserve monetary reward.””Personally, I’ve got no interest in money because it makes things complicated,” he says. “I just want to put great music out to a wider audience, and give people who download them a chance to give the artists money themselves through donations or by buying their ‘proper’ releases through the links on the site.”Forget Coldplay and their latest free CD stunt: there’s a hippy ethic about this release which is rather sweet. Main also runs Bearded Magazine, which focuses on independent artists, and is involved with UK folk music festival End of the Road.

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