Ah, giving away Free Stuff. An obvious first stop for any marketer, but the real challenge is what to give away. Let’s hand it, then, to scary inject-caffeine-into-your-synapses drinks brand Relentless for coming up with a free download that is at once unusual, slightly useful and quite beautiful.Dubbed “The Rev”, Relentless’s latest promotion is an iTunes visualiser designed by brand innovation agency Erasmus together with digital artist Robert Hodgin of flight404 and Andrew Bell of the Barbarian Group – the company that designed the Magnetosphere visualisation that comes bundled with the new version of the iTunes software. Thankfully the Relentless logo appears just once and then disappears to reveal the visualisation that throbs gently in time to the music. How to describe the visuals? Well, let’s just say a pulsating 3D flower floating amidst the cosmos while shooting wads of space nectar into the sky. At least, we think that was the visualisation – or maybe we”ve just had one too many energy drinks.

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