General Motors is to team up with Microsoft Zune to soup up the Chevy Camaro with in car audio support for Zune Players.The deal could be huge for Microsoft. In-car listening is one of the largest music consumption points in the US; and as new vehicles become increasingly wired (or wireless) the scope for integration with digital music services will grow. Zune now has secured support from one of the world’s biggest car makers, with 27 further models set to be launched with Zune compatibility across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia during the next year.Still, neither GM nor Zune are setting the world alight at the moment. This week GM chief Fritz Henderson warned that the company could fall into bankruptcy; and while Microsoft is still very much solvent, its Zune player has been a flop. So what else can Microsoft do?Clutch at straws seems to be one answer. Microsoft has created an advert featuring a navy blue-blazered “certified financial planner” comparing the USD $30,000 it costs to fill an iPod with the $14.99 it costs to fill a Zune using Zune Pass.Microsoft is leaving it up to analysts such as ourselves to remind you that iTunes tracks are permanent ownership whereas the Zune Pass is a subscription.

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