eMusic signs first major label – but strings attached


emusic-sonyDespite all the major labels signing up to DRM-free distribution on iTunes, Amazon and other stores, they still haven’t agreed deals with eMusic. That’s about to change according to the New York Times, which says Sony Music Entertainment will announce a deal with eMusic later today.However, the article says it will only cover tracks that are more than two years old, and that eMusic will “slightly raise prices and reduce the number of downloads for some of its monthly plans” in return. eMusic boss Danny Stein says the price hike is supported by its existing indie labels. “We have been looking for a catalyzing event to do it, and we think introducing this vast, quality catalogue from Sony is that event,” he says.Meanwhile, Sony’s digital boss Thomas Hesse has made optimistic noises about the deal. “We think the model of buying a set amount of music each month under an MP3 allowance is an attractive subscription option for consumers. We are supportive of offerings that encourage fans to dig deep into the repertoire of our artists and discover the richness of our catalog.”

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