Acording to recent figures from IFPI, with digital sales worth USD $ 30 million, Brazil is now the tenth largest digital music market in the world. Historically and following the regional trend, it’s a market dominated by mobile, which contributes to 80% of the record companies’ income. It is not difficult to understand why Nokia chose this market to launch its CWM service. Have they learned the lessons of their lacklustre launch in the UK; and could Brazil become the first big success for CWM? We spoke with Andy Harley, the music manager of Nokia Brasil and this is what he told us.What were the lessons learned from the CWM launch in the UK?We learnt many things from the UK launch, as well as all the other launches so far (Singapore, Australia, Italy, Sweden). This knowledge continues to aggregate as we roll out in different territories. The principle lesson we learnt is the importance of the device combo. You need a fantastic device with a fantastic service – that’s the complete solution the consumer demands. And that’s what we have achieved in Brazil with the 5800 Comes With Music offer.

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