The UK government may be considering legislation to force ISPs to implement graduated response schemes to punish persistent illegal file-sharers, but it seems in the US, the RIAA is struggling to negotiate voluntary deals along those lines with ISPs there.At least, that’s the gist of a CNET report, which points out that six months ago the RIAA announced plans to work with ISPs on graduated response schemes, with warnings leading up to cutting the internet access of file-sharers. At the time, it said it would announce partners within six weeks, but six months later none have been announced.CNET quotes one anonymous ISP executive as saying the RIAA has been too heavy-handed in its efforts to get the ISPs to sign up, while the RIAA ripostes that its efforts have led to nearly half a million warning letters being sent out to infringers. It seems the US and UK could be set to provide contrasting case studies of the merits (or otherwise) of government intervention.

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