Music industry luminary Ted Cohen is a big fan of Spotify, judging by this post on the MidemNet blog. “I can’t wait until Spotify is available in the U.S,” he writes. “Until then, we are a 3rd world nation!”He also has some interesting comparison points with existing digital music services, and takes note of the fact that it’s not the work of Apple. “This is the really big news. This is the first mass market adoption of a commercial digital endeavor that wasn’t delivered from Cupertino.”Interestingly, Cohen says there was a Spotify love-in at an industry event he attended last week in Ibiza. That was the International Music Summit, but it seems there were a fair amount of nay-sayers at the conference too. In a poll taken by the organisers, 45% of delegates – drawn from the dance music sector – said they don’t believe the Spotify model will work for electronic music.

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