As predicted, Sweden’s Pirate Party has its first MEP this morning following the European elections this weekend. In fact, it may even have two. Exit polls suggest it captured 7.1% of votes in Sweden, which would certainly give it one seat, and perhaps two.19% of voters under 30 said they voted for the party, which ran on an anti-copyright manifesto, making it the most popular political party in Sweden for that age group. Of course, it benefited from the verdict and subsequent fallout in the recent Pirate Bay trial.Talking of which, forget hacking websites if you’re a Pirate Bay supporter looking to get your own back on the people who aided its prosecution. The new thing is hacking… names!Swedish lawyer Henrik Ponten, who’s been a thorn in the Pirate Bay’s side, is now called Pirate Ponten after unknown activists changed his name. The first he knew was when the Swedish tax authority wrote to him confirming his request for a change in his personal details.”This only makes me more convinced that I’m right,” he says. His parrot declined to comment.

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