UK music industry body UK Music was notably less combative than the BPI in its response to today’s Digital Britain report, even if it shared Geoff Taylor’s concern that the initial warning-letters system won’t be effective in fighting piracy.In fact, UK Music’s statement also thinks the planned technical measures to slow down or cap persistent file-sharers’ internet connections won’t be enough to reduce illegal file-sharing by 70-80% within 2-3 years, as the government hopes.”We would like to see action now,” says UK Music’s Feargal Sharkey. “Over the past 12 months, UK music companies have exceeded themselves in terms of innovation and experimentation, offering unprecedented access and choice to music fans. Yesterday’s announcement by Virgin Media and Universal Music of their all-you-can-eat MP3 service comes on the back of free-to-consumer offerings from Spotify and We7 and the removal of Digital Rights Management from the download market. There are more licensed download services in the UK than any country in Europe. I am certain there will be even more in the coming weeks, months and years.”UK Music says it’s keen to begin the consultation process as soon as possible, and has today proposed “a series of proportionate measures, targeted specifically towards persistent file sharers, which we believe would help take forward the debate even further.”They are:1. Warning notice. The ISP will send a letter to the account holder illegally file sharing copyright material2. Interactive Notification & Web Redirection. The ISP will redirect the account’s web browser to a website which will require the account holder to identify themselves and their responsibility for the account.3. Should an ISP receive evidence of illegal file sharing on an account for a third occasion, it will send a notification to the account holder that their internet service will be immediately suspended for 72 hours.4. Evidence of illegal file sharing on an account on a fourth occasion, the ISP will send a notification to the account holder that their internet service will be immediately suspended for one month.5. With evidence of illegal file sharing for a fifth occasion, the ISP will suspend the account for a period of two months and that a further two month suspension will be implemented if a further infringement occurs

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