You want more research on the impact file-sharing has on creative industries, for everyone to argue about? You got it! Economists Felix Obeholzer-Gee and Koleman Strumpf have published a report claiming weaker copyright protection benefits society. One of its main points is that file-sharing has not had a negative impact on the amount of music being released – quite the opposite in fact. It points out that in 2000, 35,516 albums were released, but in 2007, 79,695 were released. The report also criticises research that evaluates the impact of file-sharing by looking at single product markets (e.g. CD sales). “This view confuses value creation and value capture. Record companies may find it more difficult to profitably sell CDs, but the broader industry is in a far better position. In fact, it is easy to make an argument that the business has grown considerably.”

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