Minnesota resident Jammie Thomas-Rasset has been found guilty (again) of wilfully infringing 24 copyrighted songs, in her file-sharing retrial.And startlingly, the jury upped the damages awarded to the labels from $9,250 per song in the original verdict to a whopping $80,000 per song this time – leaving Thomas-Rasset with a bill for $1.92 million instead of the original $222,000.Mindful of the negative PR implications, the RIAA has hinted that it won’t seek the full amount. “Since day one, we have been willing to settle this case, and we remain willing to do so,” says spokesperson Cara Duckworth.This may not be the end of the case, though – Thomas-Rasset’s lawyers are apparently mulling a constitutional challenge to the verdict due to the sheer scale of the damages awarded.

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