Court rules for GEMA against Rapidshare file-hosting service


German collecting society GEMA has emerged victorious from its court battle against file-hosting service Rapidshare, with the court ruling that Rapidshare is responsible for ensuring that a list of 5,000 copyrighted music tracks aren”t made available on its site for download again.”This means that the copyright holder is no longer required to perform the ongoing and complex checks,” says a statement from GEMA. The court also ruled that Rapidshare’s existing precautions to prevent illegal sharing of music files were not sufficient. Rapidshare has responded by suggesting that the courts of appeal are likely to restrict the scope of this decision, though.”For this reason, we think that it would make more sense to work together to provide music fans with the right services at the right price and to open up a new source of income for music-markets on the internet,” says Rapidshare COO Bobby Chang.

Written by: Music Ally