There seems to be some confusion over exactly how many people have been sued by the RIAA for illegal file-sharing. It’s been suggested that there have been more than 30,000 actual lawsuits, yet the RIAA says it’s only sent warning letters to “over 18,000 people”. It breaks that down, too: 11,000 either settled immediately or were not prosecuted for some reason, while 7,000 people held out or did not respond, causing the RIAA to file federal lawsuits – most of which also ended in settlements. How do you explain the gap between the numbers then? Ars Technica asked, and discovered that 18,000 unique individuals were contacted as part of the RIAA’s campaign, but some of them were sued twice – first as unnamed John Does to get their ISPs to reveal their identities, and then again as themselves. Got that?

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