Research shows music fans still prefer CDs to downloads


CDsMusic Ally’s sister research company The Leading Question has revealed that most UK music fans are still happier buying a CD than downloading, The 1,000 strong face to face survey of UK music fans showed that nearly three quarters (73%) of music fans were still happier buying CDs rather than downloading.The dominance of the CD was still high even amongst the teens with two thirds (66%) preferring CDs to downloads. CDs are also far and away the most preferred format for listening to music with nearly twice as many fans listening to CDs every day (59%) compared with MP3 players (32%).The research also showed that even the most digitally advanced music fans continue to buy CDs, with little evidence that digital music consumption is simply replacing physical consumption.Those who are paying for a digital music subscription service (such as Napster or Musicstation) spend more on CDs each month than most music fans (

Written by: Music Ally