Official figures on sales of Comes With Music phones may still be thin on the ground, but Nokia has announced a new stat on the popularity of its music activities. “To date, we have around 500,000 users of the Nokia Music Software and that’s active users, not just people who have downloaded it,” writes Nokia’s Mark Wheatley on the company’s official Ovi blog.”That’s 500,000 individuals getting a great music experience out of their Nokia phones. While we’re proud of that achievement, we’re still working hard to improve the software and ultimately, your user experience.”Wheatley also says Nokia is focused on getting the basics right with its music software, rather than adding in more whizzy functionality. Or, as he puts it: “Until we have our core functionality performing exactly as we want it, we won’t be developing more advanced features.”The post is a response to comments on a previous post announcing version 1.3 of the Nokia Music software, which saw some users suggest Nokia’s software isn’t as good as iTunes and Windows Media Player.”Unlike some companies, we’re not building software for early adopters – we’re trying to provide simple, effective functionality for the average Nokia user,” replies Wheatley.”There are millions of people who listen to music on their Nokia phones and for them, Nokia Music provides the easiest way of getting their music on and off of their devices. Independent testing has indicated that our users find Nokia Music significantly easier to use for music transfer than the applications you mention.”In separate news, Nokia has added an independent music page to the UK version of its Nokia Music Store. The company tells Music Ally that if it’s popular, it may be rolled out across other Nokia Music Stores elsewhere in the world.

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